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I love movie since I was a young boy. Movies create a visual magic world. As a creator, movie is the most powerful  tool for creation. After years of hesitating, I finally make my decision to become a movie maker. That's why I chose to go back to school to study film making. 
I have involved in a few video production project. I am searching more opportunities to provide the skill I learned. I am good at video photography and drone photography. I can also do real estate photographer. Please check my work. Please contact me if you need help.


Real Estate Photographer and Video Photographer

Check out the list of jobs, projects, and everything else that has helped shape me into the creative person I am today. Each of these roles has contributed to my personal and professional development, and I have enjoyed each role tremendously. Want more info? How about a reference? Get in touch and let’s work together.

Film Set


October 1, 2021 - Now

Video Production Associate Degree in PCC

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